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Ancla 1

Chair of GIKA conference 2018, Chile

48 scientific papers - 50 conferences

4 books

5 chapters

University of Granada - Associate


Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Marketing and Market Research Department

Univ. Católica de la Santísima Concepción - Associate

​2013 - 2020

Marketing department coordinator, lecturer in marketing and market research in business ingeniering and MBA. Final grade director and grade exams.


Universidad de Concepción - Lecturer
​2013 - 2015


Planning and management of marketing programs, itineraries and direction of thesis and degree examinations.


Universidad de Jaén - Acting Teacher

​2011 - 2013


Substitutions to full time and part time. I had to look for new opportunities because of educational needs my day was reduced.


Universidad de Granada - Acting Teacher

​2009 - 2011


Seconded to the Department of Statistics first and operational research and subsequently to the Department of Marketing and Market Research. Replacements.

PhD in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour

Univ. of Granada - Jaén

​2011 - 2013


Title of the thesis: Proposal of a model of consumer behaviour of sporting events: The effect of the image transmission in the sponsorship. Directed by Dr. Montoro Ríos.


Master in Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
Univ. de Granada

​2008 - 2010


Bachelor in Research and Techniques of Markets
Univ. of Granada

​2004 - 2008


Bachelor (degree) in Business Sciences
Univ. of Granada

​2000 - 2004

Ancla 2
Patents - Copyrigth 

Mindeye - software neuromk

2 neuromk software

Sport record video system (Padel)


9 years experience

Best Ph.D. thesis in ENEFA´13

Best marketing paper ENEFA´17


Award CIED Conference´18

Award GIKA Conference´18

Award faculty researcher´17,18,19

Award poster AEMARK conf. ´19

Award Adalberto Viesca Sada -    University of Monterrey ​

Award Amorós Sport Society ´19

4 research post-grades

ANECA: Associate Professor (Profesor Titular)

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